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Loyally Unloyal

Here it came. The latent, deeply concealed doubt that warned of no crime going unpunished. It burned at the front of his mind now. His hubris however had had other plans. Each and every time, it had encircled that doubt and bayed for it's silence. It wanted the corruption to be made manifest. Governor Vorm imagined that if in the unlikely event the true depth of his "deeds" were ever to be revealed, his snake tongue would have removed himself away from the cage that faced him, for many times had the presence of Imperial forces been with him and not once had they suspected a thing. Down now it went, the doubt making its way to the pit of his stomach - a sickening feeling that only grew. It was as if the sudden weight of the marines hand upon his shoulder sent his organs tumbling down through his body. At the point where the black armoured gauntlet began to distort and morph into the dullened aqua of the 20th legion, Vorm lost all ability to think. Where he was once predator, he was now the prey and he was locked in the jaws of an altogether different beast.
" Come now Governor Vorm.." rolled the deep, dual toned voice of the marine that towered behind him. " You didn't think your....talents...would go unnoticed, did you?"
Vorm remained frozen - the puddle of urine pooling outward at his feet. "We've been watching you for quite some time now....we have decided we have a use for you.." Vorm tried to speak, but his jaw and tongue were still hanging slack.
"" He managed to utter. The sharp lips of the Alpha marine slowly began to curl in the corners, revealing a hideous set of teeth behind.
"Where the Eagle's eyes are blind, the Serpent's see all..."